Andrew loves …

  • Perfect 72-degree weather
  • Golfing 
  • Buttery chardonnay 
  • Skrewball whiskey
  • My chocolate lab, Phoenix
  • Cashmere sweaters

Amanda loves … 

I love my life. I get to spend my days with my husband, who is freaking awesome, building a business that I really enjoy both working in and working on. I have 2 healthy, funny, weird, and awesome kids (my mini-me is pictured to the left – or above if you’re on your phone), 2 dogs who do stuff like bite each other’s faces as they help Andrew stretch in the morning, and 2 bunnies who eat kale and look stinking cute. My dad lives with us so I get to hang with him, my best friend since high school lives 6 miles away and I get to see her weekly, and I have a kick-ass team of young women who constantly amaze me with their abilities to exceed all expectations. I live in a place where we can leave the doors open 10 months out of the year, I’m still young enough to do anything I want (physically) and old enough to be more selective about what I choose to do. We have a really fun group of friends (if we ever can see them again as a group) … Yeah, I have a lot to love and be grateful for.

Jackie loves …  

I love my family, my boyfriend Chris, and my wonderful friends who make San Diego home. My family has been my rock my entire life. When I was younger we moved quite a bit as a family, and throughout those moves, our family grew closer. Once I moved on my own to San Diego, it is my friends and Chris that have become my family away from my family. I am so grateful to have so many great humans in my life that I love and care for so much.

Caroline loves …

I love my husband, puppy- Pepper, and my family! As a newly married couple, I am so grateful for my husband’s support in life as we are building our first home together! Pepper has been our little bundle of joy. Pepper sits in my lap ALL day while I work away…not to worry, she’s only a mere 7 pounds! Although I share celebrating Valentine’s Day with my husband’s birthday, there’s no one else I would want to share my favorite holiday with. And lastly, I couldn’t do life without the support of my family, especially my parents as they have allowed us to stay with them as we build our home and have supported us so much!

Devin loves …

I love my 6-month-old puppy, Nikka! She brings smiles and fun to every day, even when they’re stressful and busy! Having a puppy is a constant reminder to live a little and not sweat the small stuff. While her whining and barking out the window may get old, she never lets me forget when it’s time to take a break from the screen and get outside for some fresh air!

Magdi loves …

I love my family, and I am so thankful for my brother and sister! Family means everything to me, and I know I can always count on them no matter what. My family has supported me through so much, and they are truly my rocks. I love the laughter and goofiness that my family radiates! 

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